Exploring the Impact of a Queer Art Faire

Hello there!

This is Miche, the founder of Queer Art Faire. I wanted to share a bit of my background and why I started this fair.

I was born and raised in San Francisco to Asian immigrant parents. I identify as queer, person of color, and an artist. As I began to shop at craft fairs in San Francisco to support local artists, I was craving for spaces that would build community for queer artists of color and beyond. I had never vended before - but didn't feel ready to join a craft fair like the big ones in the city. As a community builder all my life, I set out to do just what I was looking - to build that community that was friendly to first time vendors, or someone who was just trying out vending for the first time. That was when Queer Art Faire was born. 

In December 2022, I began to plan the first Queer Art Faire, which was on March 11, 2023 at PebbleBed. It was a scary thought - what if no one showed up? What if I couldn't find enough vendors to make the market worthwhile? 

To my surprise - we got over 30 applications for our first fair. I was amazed at how many artists were interested, and was super excited for the fair. 

The rest is history! Ever since then, we collaborated with several different organizations in San Francisco, from Indigo Vintage to Lakeside Landing to host these art fairs in San Francisco. It's been amazing to meet so many talented artists and offer them a platform to share their work. 

We are just in our first year of running these events, but our mission is to create the best vending experience for new / beginner to experienced artists as possible.

Come join us at a future fair! Check out our Events page for more details. 



Miche Wong 

Founder, Queer Art Faire



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