Our Why

Not everyone can do what they love full time, but everyone deserves a place to share it.

There are a lot of barriers to launching a first business, but we believe in creating an accessible space for all people to share their art and test turning their passions and hobbies into businesses.

We are named Queer Art Fair to highlight queer artists, makers, musicians, but we are a fair for everyone, regardless of how you identify.

Stonestown Art & Food Festival

We will be back at Stonestown Galleria's Farmers Market Location starting in June for a monthly art and food festival in the parking lot. Mark your calendars to come out and support local businesses! :)

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  • Opportunity to meet and shop creative and food small business owners

    "Community and talking to other artists was really amazing. The volunteers and organizers were all super helpful, kind, and accommodating."

  • From our first event in 2023

    "I absolutely loved the vibes! I think that everyone was amazing and talented, and there was great diversity in the types of art and vendors who were there.The entire process was easy and simple. In particular I found the ability to hear from other artists about where else they vend and swap tips, etc. was incredibly valuable as someone who's just starting out."

  • From another happy vendor!

    I was impressed by the amount of people who showed up, and I loved connecting with both vendors and just folks stopping by. I think the organizers did an incredible job, and were very responsive.

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